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How many types of data cables are there? What are the differences?

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Cell phones and other electronic digital gadgets require data cables. Electronic items cannot be charged or sent to the data network without a data connection. As a result, data lines are used to connect electronic devices and electricity, so what are the different types of data lines? What is the distinction?

First and foremost, the data cable via Internet cable function; brush line; synchronization line; charging line; multipurpose line.

1. Internet cable: This type of connection may only be utilized for GPRS or CDMA 1X Internet access.

2.The brush line, on the other hand, can only be used to enhance the brush.

3.Synchronization line: used to transfer the phone book; picture ringtones; SMS; multimedia information, of course, part of the two-way transmission, part only supports one-way transmission. Such data lines are more common.

4. Charging cable: generally used to charge electronic devices, which can only be used for charging and not for data transmission.

5. Multifunctional cable: while supporting Internet access, synchronization, brushing, charging and other 2 or more functions.

all kind of data cable

Secondly, the data cable type interface to the following six kinds.

1. HDMI interface

HDMI High Definition Multimedia Interface (English: High Definition Multimedia Interface) is a full digital image and sound transmission interface that can transmit uncompressed audio signals and video signals. Can obtain a higher quality audio and video transmission.

2. lotus head (RCA head) interface

AV cable is the home audio cable (Audio Cable) and video cable (Video Cable) for short. This is one of the oldest transmissions of analog video signal video cable, the two ends of the lotus head (RCA head), DVD players and TV sets will have this interface.

3. VGA interface

VGA interface is also known as (S-Dub), which is derived from the computer's input interface. VGA interface is the most widely used type of interface on the graphics card, the majority of graphics cards come with such an interface.

4. Lightning (Apple) interface

Lightning (Apple) interface is generally used in Apple's products (Apple phone, MacBook, iMac, etc.). It has including charging, high-speed data synchronization, audio output, playback control, HD video output, photo import, USB input, etc.

5.Type-C interface

The Type-C interface is one of the data interfaces for Android smartphones and is now one of the most popular data interfaces for Android devices. It is the most recent USB interface form factor standard, with no positive or negative direction difference and the ability to be connected and removed at will.

6. (Android) tiny interface

This charging interface is increasingly prevalent; Vivo, OPPO, and other cell phone companies commonly utilize it. The present USB OTG capability is supported by the micro interface standard, which means that in the absence of a host (such as personal computers), portable devices may directly effectuate data transfer.


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