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How do I choose a neck-mounted headset?

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How do I choose a neck-mounted headset?

Neck-hanging headphones have grown in popularity among sportsmen in recent years. It is not only less conventional in the headset-binding sense, but it also eliminates the risk of loss due to shaking, so convenience is quite high. However, many well-known market manufacturers have started to introduce related products, ranging from entry-level models to high-end models with anti-noise functions. Some even include a caller vibration feature, and the sheer number of options makes it difficult to know where to begin. So, how should we go about selecting the best headgear for their neck? This essay primarily discusses the following key points:

The pros and cons of neck-mounted headphones

A neck-mounted headset belongs to a kind of Bluetooth headset that uses shape-memory material to connect the binaural headset. Although the stiffer touch, pressure, and storage inconvenience may discourage people, hanging the neck more than the traditional wire is more solid, which can give users a lot of peace of mind. Furthermore, it has a longer endurance than other Bluetooth headsets, and the added convenience boosts the points significantly. The following will introduce the purchase method of neck-mounted headphones in detail, hoping that readers can find the method most suitable for their products.

neck-mounted headphones

The purchase method of neck-mounted headphones

1. Confirm the comfort of use: the main points of attention are as follows.

A. A thin neck ring can reduce the burden on the neck. If you want to avoid headphones closely attached to the skin behind the neck, a thin neckband that can reduce the contact surface with the neck, compared to the thicker models, will be more comfortable.

B. Choose a style that can be adjusted in length. Too-long neck bracelets not only easy to touch your face during use and cause discomfort but may also cause unnecessary noise. To avoid such problems, it is recommended to choose products that can be freely adjusted in length. If the length cannot be adjusted, please be sure to try it on to ensure that the length of the wire does not cause problems in use.

C. Magnetic suction type makes putting on and taking off more smoothly. Because the magnetic design of the two headsets will be automatically fixed together, even if you take them off, it is not easy to shake the wire and affect the activities, and you do not need to purposefully put them in the bag or pocket. Hanging the neck alone can take advantage of the convenience of the walk and is the perfect embodiment of the neck-hanging headphones' charm.

D. Replace the comfortable earbuds. Most of the neck-mounted headphones on the market today belong to the ear canal type with good sound insulation. If the earbuds do not fit properly in the ear canal, the effect will be greatly reduced. However, most of the above situations can be solved by replacing the earplugs. To find the most suitable for your ear shape, it is recommended to choose a model with a variety of types of earbuds. And when the included replacement products are not suitable, trying to sell the goods alone is also an option.

2. At least 5 hours of continuous power

Try to calculate the average daily time to go out, and from this, calculate the number of hours you need to use the headset so you can avoid the situation of low power when you go out. Usually, the continuous power needs to reach more than 5 hours to be able to be used without worry. The neck-hanging headset is characterized by high endurance; the average use time can be up to 10 hours, and friends in pursuit of battery efficiency may wish to select this benchmark.

3. Pay attention to the supported encoding format

The wire and internal structure of the headset is the main factor affecting the sound quality. Although there is no way to judge the quality of the product, the appearance of a glance to confirm its corresponding audio coding format is a simple and effective method. Audio encoding refers to the way the audio source is transmitted; the higher the specification, the more it can slow down the delay of high-quality sound. For example, the common AAC format (iPhone) and aptX format (Android) can ensure that the sound has a certain level.

However, it is important to note that both the smartphone and the headset support the encoding format to be able to transmit. Therefore, please double-check what encoding your phone supports before you buy it so that you will not have problems when using it.

4. Choose additional functions according to your usage habits

Some of the neck-mounted headsets will have other convenient designs according to different consumers' usage styles.

A. Vibrating alert function for incoming calls. Many models vibrate to alert you of incoming calls, especially for those who need to answer the phone at work. In addition, some models can start a call by simply pressing a button on the body, so even if you are listening to music, you can answer important calls immediately, which is quite convenient.

B. Make good use of the anti-noise function to improve concentration. High-end models are usually equipped with active noise cancellation to make it easier for users to listen to music in noisy environments such as MRT cars and airplanes, or in workplaces that require isolation from external noise and concentration. Recently, even the lower-priced models may also be equipped with this feature, you may wish to search for more comparisons according to your budget.

C. Clear mode helps to pay attention to the surrounding movement. Contrary to the anti-noise mode, the transparent mode, which can listen to the outside world, has also appeared in response to the needs of users. In addition to avoiding missing the arrival announcements during the commute, it is also valued by many consumers who want to pay attention to the sounds around them. However, when this function is turned on, their voice will also be transmitted into the headset, so be careful to avoid making loud calls so as not to hurt your hearing at high volumes.

It is not as A headset case can provide safe storage protection. When compared to other types of neck-mounted headphones, they have less storage flexibility and are more difficult to transport; if placed in a backpack, they are more likely to fail due to extrusion. Choose a more flexible material for hanging the neck or buy with the headphone box models to avoid such regrets.


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