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Global TWS headphones industry market status and competitive landscape analysis in 2021 Diversification of use scenarios and surge in popularity

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Global TWS headphones industry market status and competitive landscape analysis in 2021 Diversification of use scenarios and surge in popularity

In 2016, Apple launched its Airpods TWS headphones with its fashionable design, strong battery life and stable and convenient use, as well as the high degree of integration with the iOS ecosystem, which quickly set off a TWS industry boom. TWS headphones allowed headphones to be promoted from cell phone accessories to independent smart terminal products, redefining the new headphones. Since then, various brands have been competing to develop and produce TWS, and all kinds of TWS seem to be springing up in the market.

TWS powerful, diversified use scenarios

True wireless stereo sound (TWS) Bluetooth headset a market has been popular and loved by the public, this is because it is a high-end true wireless headset, no complicated connection line, no need to connect with the main body of the sound, convenient for users to wear; also equipped with a special charging box to meet the needs of users charging anywhere, anytime. Such products also support active noise cancellation technology, can shield the surrounding interference, bringing excellent sensory experience, and cost-effective.

For young people in the AI era, headphones are so common that we hardly realize the reason why people rely on it more and more as the times go by, not only because it is a transmitter of sound, which gives the wearer the ability to be independent and create a subjective reality; more importantly, with the disappearance of the sense of boundaries between work and social life, headphones have become an important modern public space and private space mediator.

Qualcomm's "State of Audio Product Usage Research Report 2020" is based on research data from 5,000 consumers in the U.S., U.K., China, Germany and Japan and is designed to reveal their changing consumer attitudes and behaviors when purchasing wireless headphones, wireless earbuds and speaker devices.

The research shows that people are using a wide range of wireless headset devices in an increasing number of scenarios, with true wireless earbuds becoming the preferred headset format for consumers in almost all outdoor environments.

In the use scenario of real wireless headphones, listening to music is the most important demand of all users, and voice calls rank second. Overall wireless headphones are used in a wide range of scenarios, especially with the rapid growth of the video content and gaming industries, and the demand for consumers to choose to access audio wirelessly continues to grow.

The global Apple market share is the first, and the popularity is growing rapidly

Now that wireless headphones are taking the world by storm, the number of users of True Wireless Stereo (TWS) Bluetooth headphones is growing, with AirPods taking a disproportionately large share of the global wireless headphone market in 2020, according to a new report from Strategy Analytics. 300 million, an increase of nearly 90%.

Apple's AirPods account for nearly half of the market, with Xiaomi and Samsung ranking second and third, respectively, and the remaining share consisting of a large number of companies holding small individual shares, i.e., Apple still dominates the TWS position for now.

Qualcomm's research data shows that the penetration of TWS true wireless earbuds almost doubled in 2020 compared to 2019, achieving a growth of 23% to 42% globally and a strong growth trend in every region surveyed.

Liz Lee, senior analyst at Counterpoint, said the removal of the headphone jack from mobile devices and the fact that packages no longer come with headphones are becoming a major driver of growth in the true wireless headphone market, and that TWS true wireless headphones are becoming a necessary accessory.

From the fourth quarter of 2020, with Apple, Xiaomi, Samsung, the three major cell phone brands out of their own ideas to streamline the product box, no longer comes with wired headphones or audio conversion cable and other accessories, may lead to a new wave of growth in shipments of true wireless headphones.

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