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Earphones or earbuds with a microphone

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Earphones or earbuds with a microphone

Hands-free calling is ideal when you're in the car or on the bike (same issue with bike again!!). Thanks to headphones with a microphone you'll never miss a call from your friends. A headset with a microphone is also very handy for gamers. This way you can always keep your teammates up to date and your gaming will become more social.

Often the microphone on these headphones and earbuds are hidden in the cord. Check in advance if a model is equipped with talkthrough function. Is your phone ringing? Then the headphones immediately turn your music down, so you can take a call without being interrupted.

Do you want to how to clean your headphones when use?

Wallet, phone, keys? Check. Earphones? Of course. Because having a day away from home without your favorite tunes is unthinkable. Yet cleaning your earphones sometimes falls by the wayside. And that's not very hygienic, considering how often you use those earphones. Here's how to restore dirty earphones without damaging them.

Why is it important to clean your earphones?

As we know, when we use this headphones for a long time, there is dirty things in the earphones. For example, when you wear headphones to do exercise in the gym, there is some sweat into the headphones.

Unfortunately, earwax and other debris can get into your earbuds. You touch them a lot with your hands, put them on the table and put them in your pocket, bag or jacket. Therefore, regularly cleaning in-ear earphones is hygienic, and you can make sure that bacteria does not stand a chance. Maintenance will also prolong the life of your earphones and guarantee optimal sound.

earbuds with a microphone

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