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Domestic unified fast charging standard

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Recently, representatives of the European Parliament and the European Council agreed to unify the charging interface of all portable electronic devices in the EU region as USB type-C by 2024. According to previous news, Apple will enable usb-c interface on iPhone 15 as soon as next year, but it may be divided into different models until iPhone 16 is fully switched.

According to CCTV survey, due to low cost and high automation, domestic manufacturers are planning to increase the capacity of type-C charging line, and the mainstream models launched by domestic mobile phone manufacturers have been switched to type-C interface. The unification of the interface is only the first step of the unified standard of smart phone fast charging.

At present, domestic mobile phone brands have different fast charging agreements. In order to reflect the differentiation advantages of domestic mobile phone manufacturers, the fast charging protocol of this brand cannot be used on other mobile phones, and can only be used for slow charging of about 20W through PD protocol. Users must use the matching original charging head or even data cable to realize high-power full load fast charging. Due to the incompatibility of the manufacturer's fast charging technology, it not only affects the user experience, but also has potential safety hazards.

At the same time, mobile phone fast charging also has requirements for data lines. The transmission current of different data lines is different. In addition, the charging speed varies with the length of data lines. Is it a little messy? So the most worry free thing is the original fast charging. If you have to find a third-party charger, you first need to see whether the charger meets the voltage and current required for fast charging of the mobile phone, and then see whether the shape of the charging port matches. If these two can be matched, then the probability is OK. When you choose a fast charging plug to charge your mobile phone or laptop, you find that it does not reach the maximum charging power, which is limited by the nominal maximum output power of the charging head. Therefore, when choosing, you can consult the model of the charging head of the business to avoid the incompatibility of fast charging.


In addition, there are many multi port fast charging chargers on the market at present. From the perspective of maximum power, multi port charger can not bring the charging effect of multiple single port chargers. If you don't have many devices, and you don't have many scenarios where multiple devices can be charged at the same time, and you still want to "full blood and fast charge" when charging, it's enough to buy a single port. If there are multiple devices that need to be quickly charged at the same time in life, then select the number of output ports as needed.

Although there are still many limitations and compatibility problems with mobile phone fast charging, good news has come. On July 22, China Communications Standardization Association initiated the establishment of the "terminal fast charging technology and Standard Promotion Committee" in Beijing. The head of the Ministry of industry and information technology said that a unified fast charging standard system based on independent technology would be established as soon as possible. Although no specific time was given, I hope this matter can be implemented as soon as possible.

However, if you use an iPhone with lightning interface and want to use fast charging, you have to spend more money on the original apple. At that time, will you consider changing the smart phone with type-C interface?


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