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Data cable storage method

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Data cable storage method

In the digital age, almost everyone has become a big data cable user. When you use it up, you throw it away. If you use it again, you can't find it or tie it into a ball. Facing the messy data cable at home, your mood will become very bad. So, how can you organize your messy data cables?


First, classify your data cables:

1. Commonly used data cables: Type c of android, lightening of apple, micro b of other devices.

2. Other data cables that are not commonly used: We will subdivide them according to the electronic products and data cables used.

The location of data cable storage is generally in the living room, bedroom, study, and porch. Common and private items can be placed in both the public and private areas of the family. You can also prepare a set of commonly used data cables in each area, and data cables that are not commonly used. It can be placed with other infrequently used items in the home.


Data cable storage: Cut off

For items, we always want to keep them for emergencies. However, this "Emergency" Brings messy spaces in the home, which really affects life.

The current era is not a period of material scarcity, but an era of material abundance and even flooding. Therefore, it is enough to keep a few spare data cables of the same interface. .

Know that you can change electronics faster than you can with a spare cable. Therefore, effective separation is also a technique.


1. Storage method: Clever use of velcro

The data cable may be one of the items that are frequently used in the family, so the arrangement and storage of the data cable should consider the living habits of the whole family.

Storage tools are not easy to use or not, only suitable.

The fewer steps the better, it saves a lot of time. One of the best ways to deal with messy cables is to use velcro.

The style of the velcro can be selected according to your own habits. It is easy to store the data cable by one roll, one winding and one stick. The action is simple and convenient, and the headphone cable and the data cable can be easily stored.


2. Storage method: Clever use of storage bags

After separation and classification, what should you do if you don't want to throw away the data cable that you don't use?

The airtight bag can help you tidy up the data line clearly. You can store these infrequently used, spare, and rechargeable once every ten thousand years in a self-sealing bag, which is moisture-proof and dust-proof, and uses a storage box (you can use a separate ) stand up, if you really need to use it one day, you can use it at any time, convenient and neat. Afterwards, those who have a sticky note machine at home can also print and affix the labels themselves.

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