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Company latest news

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Jiangxi Hatton Electronics Co.,Ltd,which specialized in electronic product. We are not only have more than 15 years experience but also have 3 factories. With such a big strength,we have cooperated with many famous brands, like“JBL,ZAGG ,MONOPRICE in US,PSI in Korea,HARMAON in India and so on. We not only pays attention to product quality, team management, but also promoting excellent corporate culture.

On the evening of December 29, 2021,we held a birthday party to send birthday cakes and best wishes to the birthday stars. At the same time, colleagues who participated in the birthday party showed their skills and performed various talent shows. , and best wishes for these partners.


To celebrate the New Year, we launched a New Year's Eve dinner on 15 January 2022.At the meeting, the leaders commended the outstanding performance of the staff, and at the same time put forward the planning for the New Year, expecting everyone to have more outstanding performance in the new year and make progress every day.In the end, everyone enjoyed the meal with laughter, and we all believed that the company would get better and better in the coming year, and at the same time, we would strive harder and harder.


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