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Best Gaming Headphones Without a Mic

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Best Gaming Headphones Without a Mic

If you’re in need of gaming headphones without a mic that offers up spacious sound, the Ultrasone Performance 880 Headphones are the way to go.

When I first reviewed the Performace 880, I was blown away by how Ultrasone had crafted a set of headphones capable of replicating the positives of an open-back design in a closed-back environment. That shouldn’t be possible, yet the Performace 880 feels spacious, and audio has the space to breathe without feeling condensed.

Sounds like drum snares or the low growl of a bullet scraping a surface feel more pronounced. This is thanks in part to Ultrasone’s frankly witchcrafty S-Logic Plus technology, which is able to locate, isolate, and amplify individual sounds. It’s not the kind of tech you can write about. You really do need to try these bad boys out for yourself to get an idea of just how crisp the headphones are.

It’s also worth noting the Performace 880 kills it in regards to bass. In gaming, you don’t want ear-splitting bass as it’ll offset other areas of in-game audio. Imagine a bassline booming louder than footsteps or vocals. You don’t want that. No one does. Thankfully, the Performace 880 offers up a noticeable hum without the overbearing boom.

Granted, the Performace 880 is a pricey option. That said, if it’s cutting-edge tech you’re after, and a set of headphones you won’t need to be replacing any time soon, this the way to go.

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