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Advantages of wired headphones

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Advantages of wired headphones

Wired headphones work in the same way as large speakers. Basically, they are miniature speakers for personal listening.

They use headphone jacks and plugs to transmit sound from the device to the headphones. Some of the most common headphone plug types include 3.5mm, TRS, trrs, trrrs, and USB.


There are many reasons why people still like good wired headphones. Here are some of them:

(1) Better sound quality

Over the years, wireless headset technology has been significantly improved. But nothing beats the audio quality of wired headphones.

Because wired headphone manufacturers don't have to spend money on wireless technology, they can focus their attention (and budget) on what really matters - sound quality.

In order to provide good sound quality, wired headphones use analog signals. This can process more data than digital signals such as Bluetooth. This means that our audio can reach our ears without so much processing. Therefore, they can skip audio compression and deliver at full resolution.

(2) Low cost and easy maintenance

Wired headphones cost less than wireless headphones. This is because the development and manufacturing costs of wireless technology are higher. In addition, wired headphones are easier to maintain.

Whether it's a worn earphone cable or a damaged / twisted cable, it can be easily solved. In addition, the replacement parts of wired headphones are also very affordable and easier to obtain.

However, please remember that when considering the price of wired and wireless headphones, it still depends on their brand, quality and additional features. Therefore, we may find that some wireless headphones are cheaper than other wired headphones.

(3) Unlimited playback time

Most standard wired headphones contain passive speakers that generate line level audio signals. These headphones usually do not require external power. The audio signal itself can generate enough energy to operate the headset. Therefore, no charger or battery is required.

As long as our wired headphones are plugged into the sound source, we can use them!

However, active noise reduction headphones require a continuous power supply to neutralize ambient noise. Therefore, although they are wired, they still need batteries.

(4) Easy to use

Wired headphones have a plug and play setting. Just plug it into our audio device and it can play our audio immediately.

With them, we will not risk any unwelcome wireless interference and pairing problems. Considering these factors, it is undeniable that they are more convenient for users than wireless ones.

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