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About Active Noise Cancelltion Headphones

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In the past, the sound industry has been seeing exponential growth in terms of innovation and advancement . One of these advancements which have shaken up the headphones industry has been Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) technology.

Active Noise Cancellation has quickly become a staple technology in the domain of headphones, and has continually evolved to elevate the quality of sound offered to the users. While this technology is classified as a high-end feature, it is no longer just reserved for the upper echelon of headphones which are quite expensive.

So, what exactly is noise cancellation? How is it relevant in today’s world, and where does its future stand?

Active Noise Cancelltion Headphones

Do you know what is Noise Cancellation?

Noise cancellation is a concept based on the practical application of wave phase cancellation principle. To get technical, waves that are inverted from each other or are 180 degrees out of phase, both cancel each other out when they are coupled together. In layman’s terms, it is equivalent to adding -1 and 1, which equals to 0.

Noise cancellation records the background noise and inverts the signal of the noise, which creates what is termed as “anti-noise”. This is then added to the input signal in the headphone, which cancels the outside noise and gives you a smooth listening experience. Anti-noise signals work to counteract the actual noise in the background before it reaches your ears.

One of the biggest problem statements that arise for this technology is how accurately the device is able to capture background noise, which determines the level of attenuation. This is why Active Noise Cancellation technology implemented in various devices differs on the level of its effectiveness.

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