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7.1 sound channel game headsets are essential for gaming.

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7.1 sound channel game headsets are essential for gaming.

If you want full immersion and communication with other gamers, you need a 7.1 sound channel gaming headset. The only downside for me has always been the permanent mic stalk. This is because any gaming headset looks silly on the train or at times they’re used for your phone or other device. The 7.1 sound channel gaming headset gets around this limitation in a couple of interesting ways and produces a set of headphones that are very decent in quality while being versatile as well. They score well in other areas too.

Inside the 7.1 sound channel gaming headset, you will find a nice chunky pair of headphones with LEDs embedded on the outside of the earpieces, so you look cool in Zoom chats, but they also have some nice pro features. You have an additional cable to connect the headset to your phone or other audio device, making it 2-in-1. The mic is detachable.

The kit also includes a splitter that divides the phone cable's TRRS-style jack into headphone and mic jacks. An old computer without a USB port will benefit from this. A tough bag is also included for transporting the headphones. These don't fold up, so this is essential. The left pad has a volume control, a mic mute button, and the ports for mic, phone or USB cables.

The first impressions of the 7.1 sound channel gaming headset are very favorable. The construction is solid, with the Y-shaped linkage between the band and the ear cups being a really quite thick metal.

Earpads are very soft to the touch and to the ear. These are made of protein leather, and what old guys might call "pleather." They're super-soft and comfortable, but the size of the band is also generous and doesn't squeeze big heads like mine. For those of us with little or no hair to cushion the band on top of our heads, the band is really nicely padded. Of course, the band is adjustable for different ear heights. Additionally, if you have poor eyesight like mine (or you live in semi-darkness), you can tell which pad is which, as there is a massive red L and R printed inside the earpiece.


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