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10 Best cat ear headphone wireless [2022]

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Here’s a rundown of the 10 best cat ear headphone wireless, wireless cat ear gaming headset with mic, bluetooth cat ear headphones with mic, cat ear headphones with mic wireless, wireless bluetooth cat ear headphones, that will make you feel all kawaii.

These days, headphones come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Some headphones look like your average headphones, but some are considerably more unique, such as those with flashing LEDs and cat ears.

The popularity of cat ear headphones has grown over the years, and you may want one for your own reasons. However, if you tried to buy one right off the bat, you may have learned the hard way that choosing one is not easy. Apart from their unique design, you also have to consider what’s inside to make sure that you’ll enjoy using them.

Once you know what to look for, it will be much easier. Even more importantly, once you know which cat ear headphones are the best, all you have to do is choose. That's what we'll do today!

What's the Story Behind the 'Cat Ear Headphones' Phenom?

Best cat ear headphone wireless

The roots of cat ear headphones can be traced back to the Japanese concept of Nekomimi. In Japanese anime or manga, this is a type of anthropomorphism in which human characters are given cat-like characteristics. Sharp teeth, furry tails, and yes, even cat ears are part of this package. A novelist and children's literature author named Kenji Miyazawa founded the magazine in 1924.

Western pop culture also features feline characters such as the infamous Catwoman from DC Comics. Other characters who exhibit cat-like behaviors are DC’s Cheetah and Marvel’s Black Cat.

Let's fast forward to 2014. A manga artist named Wenqing Yan was working on an animation where she was designing cat ears headphones, wireless bluetooth cat ear headphones, wireless cat ear gaming headset with mic. This was where the idea began. Together with Victoria Hu, her co-founder and then best friend, she set about making these cat ear headphones a reality and setting the wheels in motion.

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