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Wired and wireless headphones: which one is suitable for us

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Wired and wireless headphones: which one is suitable for us

The ideal choice is still highly dependent on our lifestyle and the activities we are most likely to use headphones for. Different lifestyles need different functions. Below is a list of those who are most likely to need specific types of headphones for more comfortable use.

comfortable headphone

1. Who is the wired headset suitable for?

(1) Office staff

Office workers, especially those in the customer service department, need earphones to the letter. They should have headphones that can provide high-quality sound and transmit high-quality input. Wired headphones are the best in these areas.

Most importantly, wired headphones do not require charging. This means that office workers can plug in the power directly and work immediately. This is much more convenient than wasting their time waiting for the headset to charge.

(2) Musicians and enthusiasts

One thing musicians and enthusiasts have in common is that they all have "well-trained ears". For them, they must hear music in the way they "should". Every bass beat and music detail is important to them.

It is no secret that wired headphones provide better audio quality than wireless headphones. With their trained ears, they can detect even the smallest difference in audio quality. This is why they all like wired headphones rather than wireless headphones.

(3) Players who can't afford the delay

Hardcore gamers know that accuracy is the key. That's why they can't afford any degree of delay, especially during the intense game. Any sound delay may be equivalent to their position being affected, or worse, game over.

Because of this, those gamers who cannot tolerate any form of sound delay prefer wired headphones to wireless headphones. Even Bluetooth headsets with low latency are at risk of possible and unexpected interference. This is why wired headphones are still more reliable when it comes to latency.

(4) People with limited budgets

As mentioned earlier, wired headphones are still much cheaper than wireless headphones. If wireless technology is not added, the price of headphones will be lower. People with tight budgets can rest assured that they can still get high-quality audio (or even higher quality) through wired headphones.

(5) People who like plug and play

For those who like direct technology, wired headphones are their best choice. These headphones have a plug-and-play set, which is very suitable for those who do not like the extra steps brought by wireless pairing.

wireless headset

2. Who is the wireless headset suitable for?

(1) Athletes or people with an active lifestyle

Since the invention of headphones, listening to music during training or work has become a habit. Wireless headphones are the perfect choice for athletes and activists. These headphones not only provide unrestricted mobility but also are very light. The most suitable type of wireless headset for these people is the real wireless Bluetooth headset.

In addition to athletes, wireless headphones are also recommended for people working in industrial plants or places with continuous noise. There are Bluetooth hearing protection devices on the market, which are not only safer for our ears, but also can prevent wires from being caught by other devices.

(2) A frequent traveler

As mentioned above, wireless headphones are compact and light. These two features make them particularly convenient for frequent travelers. These portable headphones can keep them entertained during long-time flights and train rides.

For long-distance travel, headphones with noise reduction functions are the best. With them, we can drown out any unwanted background noise. We can wear them to play music, or we can simply turn them on without music at all. The elite 85t developed by audio giant Jabra is a top noise reduction true wireless Bluetooth headset in the market. With it, we have quiet.

(3) Users who like more freedom of action

Wireless headphones provide more mobility than wired headphones. Wireless headset users don't have to worry about moving too far away from the device. Therefore, they can get a more immersive experience.

3. Conclusion

Finally, this is entirely a matter of personal preferences. For office workers and real enthusiasts, nothing can sound better than wired headphones. At the same time, for people who like to move around, wireless headphones are a dream come true.

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