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True wireless Bluetooth headset knowledge popular

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True wireless Bluetooth headset is more and more liked by everyone, whether it is a white user or some senior headset users, may be a lot of in their real purchase is also a face of confusion, do not know how to start.

Many good quality, big brand a little headset prices are not cheap, how to buy a suitable Bluetooth headset, we need to learn a little bit of Bluetooth headset knowledge.

Here I will combine the Bluetooth headset in the publicity of some common terms to talk about the Bluetooth headset of those things.

A, The principle of the headset

True wireless headset core points have two points: true wireless and Bluetooth.

1、True wireless

The principle of real wireless is mainly two kinds.

Main and secondary ear connection.

The left and right ear independent connection method.


Currently on the market version of the Bluetooth headset, mainly divided into two: Bluetooth 4.2 version and Bluetooth 5.0 version.

Bluetooth 5.0 performance is an all-round improvement, from the above chart can be seen in several core points: transmission rate, transmission distance, power consumption, anti-jamming.

The doubling of transmission speed makes it easier to use Bluetooth to transmit voluminous lossless music; the improvement of transmission distance and anti-interference ability makes the stability of wireless headphones more reliable; the reduction of power consumption can make the headphones last longer.

In short, Bluetooth headset only choose Bluetooth version 5.0.

Core components

1、Sound generating unit

In many headset details page can see the manufacturer's publicity labeled moving coil headphones, moving iron headphones and dual moving coil, dual moving iron and so on the term, these belong to the sound generating unit.

Whether moving coil headphones or moving iron headphones, no matter how manufacturers to make up for their respective disadvantages, most of them are a gimmick, how the real effect, but also need to look at the manufacturer's tuning capabilities, cavity design and other complex factors. These factors are not yet standard to measure, the easiest way is to personally on the ear, a listen to the high and low.


Chip in any electronic device is the most core, headphones are no exception. The chip is like the brain of the wireless Bluetooth headset, which directly affects the sound quality, range, anti-interference ability, stability, noise reduction ability of the headset.

3, Codec way

Above has been said, many big brands specifically for the headset R & D chip, and in the process of developing the chip, the first consideration will be codec program, because it has a great impact on the sound quality of the headset, but also see the importance of the coding method.

The current mainstream codec schemes are as follows.

Codec is a problem that needs to be considered on both the transmitter side of the phone and the receiver side of the headset. Only when the audio transmitter and receiver side are in the same coding format, the sound quality at this time is the best, otherwise it will be backward compatible and use the basic SBC method.

Referring to the table above, if we want to get the best sound performance, we should pay attention to the coding method that the headset can support, or the Bluetooth coding that the music originating end we use, which is supported by the phone.

General recommendation.

Android users, Android phones mainly support aptX and LDAC, corresponding to find the support of these two encoding headphones on the good.

Apple users, choose to support AAC encoding headphones, preferred Apple's own AirPods series.

B, the headset performance

1、Headphone parameters

Impedance, sensitivity

We often see these two parameters in the technical parameters of the headset, what are these two parameters, in fact, we ordinary people do not need to get to the bottom of it, we just need to know that these two parameters to be put together for reference to make sense.

All parameters of reference are relative. True wireless Bluetooth headset recommended impedance should be above 32Ω, sensitivity between 95dB-120dB.

High fidelity

The so-called high fidelity, is close to the original flavor of the sound, the interpretation of the sound of the true feelings, also known as HIFI, we can basically see this in many businesses on the publicity.


Generally speaking Bluetooth headset battery 40 mA can be used 4-6 hours, 80 mA can be used 6-8 hours, 120 mA can be used 8-10 hours.

Since the AirPods out, basically most Bluetooth headphones are equipped with a charging case, the endurance is not a problem.

2、Headset quality

Sound quality

Sound quality is basically the most important feature of the headset. If the sound quality is not good, everything is in vain.

Sound quality is a very subjective selection criteria, sound quality details of good or bad is actually difficult to identify.

The principle of headphones has been analyzed above, sound quality mainly depends on the manufacturer's tuning ability, cavity design and other complex factors. For us ordinary people, the best way is to choose the public trustworthy brand, look at the reputation, and then the actual ear feeling, after all, everyone has a different sense of sound.


Resolution - the ability of the headphones to perform the details of the sound.

The higher the resolution, the more realistic the details of the sound will be, with a sense of "sound", but not too high, to prevent distortion.

Soundstage sense

The so-called sense of soundstage, like we watch a concert, can really feel the distance between the individual and the singer to produce a sense of hierarchy.

Noise reduction capability

The noise reduction ability of the headset refers to the headset's ability to reduce the processing of external noise.

The current Bluetooth headset noise reduction function is reflected in the passive noise reduction and active noise reduction.

Passive noise reduction is actually "physical noise reduction".

Active noise cancellation principle is based on the external noise in the headset to produce the opposite audio, so as to offset the noise.

Low latency

If you have played the glory of the king, there is a scene may not be too unfamiliar, is the grass inside someone and no one, or someone over the slight sound of footsteps, the difference between these sounds are very slight, the need for headphones as low as possible latency, do a good job in advance of the game, then this time is the need to choose a headset as low latency as possible. In addition, when watching high-quality movies, audio and video synchronization is also required headphones with very low latency.

C, the way to wear

Headphones as a direct contact with the sensitive ear products, wear whether the comfort is undoubtedly very important.

Mainstream look, the current market of true wireless Bluetooth headset only 2 kinds of wearing style.

1, in-ear type

In-ear headphones, as the name implies, refers to a part of the ear canal into the headset.

In-ear headphones typical representative: AirPods Pro.

2、Earbud type

In-ear headphones are, to put it bluntly, semi-in-ear headphones.

Typical representative of in-ear headphones: AirPods.

D, purchase points

Ultimately, we are in the purchase of headphones is the main look at the sound quality and wearing style.

The sound quality reflects the performance of the headset, the wearing style determines the use of the headset feeling

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