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Advantages of wireless headphone

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Wireless headphones use radio transmission technology to transmit audio data from the signal source to our ears. The audio data transmission of headphones is usually carried out through three technologies:



Radio frequency (RF)

Infrared frequency (if)

In Bluetooth transmission, audio devices encode audio data into compressed form. Then, the data is sent to the headset through radio waves. Then, the headset device decodes this and converts it into an audio signal using the Bluetooth codec.

Bluetooth technology has developed into many Bluetooth versions. Up to now, the latest version is Bluetooth 5.2. This version has a wide range of up to 240 meters and low power consumption.

On the other hand, in RF technology, the audio transmission process involves a three-dimensional frequency modulation system. RF headphones use electromagnetic signals to receive audio from audio devices. Unlike Bluetooth, it has a stronger and wider range.

Radio frequency is more often used in wireless headphones made specifically for television. According to the different earphones, the range can even reach 100 meters.

Finally, in if transmission, line of sight technology is used to transmit audio signals. There should be no interference or blockage between the transmitter and the receiver. Appropriately, they must be within the "line of sight" of each other. Headphones, microwave ovens and FM radios also use this technology.

1. Advantages of wireless headphones

Today's manufacturers are looking for innovative ways to combine technology with comfort. No wonder, everything is becoming wireless. Devices such as game controllers and headphones are now transitioning to full wireless. And it is not difficult to see the reason.

Here are some reasons why we should choose wireless headphones:

(1) Freedom of movement

Wireless headphones provide a wide range of motion. With them, we can move freely without worrying about accidentally breaking the wires. This can also solve the inconvenience of carrying the sound source all the time. Some wireless headphones can even provide a distance of 30 meters from the sound source.

(2) Compatible with more modern devices

With the development of technology, more and more smart phones and audio devices have abandoned the 3.5mm jack. With the elimination of 3.5mm jack, Bluetooth is becoming a new standard for audio transmission.

With the development of modern game software such as virtual reality, the demand for wireless headphones is continuously increasing. Research shows that by 2027, the revenue of the wireless headset market is expected to be $3.41 billion.

(3) More portable

Since wireless headphones have no extra wires and components, they are easier to carry and lighter. The compact design of wireless headphones makes them the best choice for activists. Lighter weight usually also affects comfort, because lighter headphones usually put less pressure on the user's head.

Most wireless headphones are also foldable, making them easy to pack with our things for travel or simple daily commuting.

(4) No more wires

In addition to not having to worry about accidentally pulling wires, wireless headphones also mean that there are no more annoying wires entangled. We will no longer have to deal with tangled wires. In addition, we don't need to buy expensive cable substitutes when the fragile headphone cable is broken.

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